A New Use For Vise Grips

Steve needed to adjust a bolt on the mineral feeder. Caper offered to help.

Steve uses grips

First, Caper tasted the vice grip to make sure that it was the right tool for the job.


He suggested to Steve that the vise grip could be better used scratching his head, right between his horn buds.


Sometimes Caper cannot believe his own brilliance. It’s a good thing that Steve listens to him.


It was Pip and Caper’s fourth birthday yesterday! To see what they looked like when they arrived, go here.


  1. the goats are Taureses interesteing, thier birthday is 2 days after mine only im 29 years older

  2. Happy Birthday you handsome fellas! Another great day at Little Pond. This is my go-to-happy place…..

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Boys! Looked at the pictures of when they arrived. They were so tiny……you look like you are just over the moon in love with them. I am pretty we all are too!

  4. Happy Birthday Pip and Caper! Are those hats available for sale anywhere? I still remember seeing Steve, last year, removing a cooler thing from under one of the Buff Orps last year live on the streaming video. It was so funny… he is a great guy Terry!

  5. Happy Birthday Boys! I clicked and saw them when they were young and so small. They were adorable, just as they are today, only bigger. Goats are so curious; they went to know what’s going on and get into everything. Caper is so clever so it’s no surprise he wanted to assist Steve. :-)

  6. Happy B. Day, Boys!!!! We are continually “goat proofing” B.B. and Lee, our goats, pen. They can stick their heads, and climb, just about anywhere! Our Lee could be a long lost kin to yours, as he looks very similar!
    I love sitting and petting them. It’s my daily therapy session! Ha!
    Terry, I would also be interested in purchasing a hat.

  7. Hubby and me would like to buy one of those hats too!

  8. Happy Birthday to Pip and Caper! I just love watching those boys! It makes me really miss our goat Martha who passed away 2 years ago.

  9. Snicker…I like the look of infinite bliss in the two head scratching photos. That’s what I look like when I’m eating a Peanut…or two…or three …

    • Dear Marigold, the goat boys say that FIRST you get the head scratch, then you get the food. You should ask for scratches and peanut(s) and then scratches again.