I’m Nominated! Please Vote.

I’m a finalist for the Country Living Magazine Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards! I’m tickled pink (isn’t that a great phrase, and isn’t it great that I have a reason to use it?) HenBlog is one of three blogs in the pet category. That’s right! Pet. What’s amazing is that my friend, Melissa’s blog Tilly’s Nest, is also a finalist. Who would have thought that two blogs about chickens would be in the running?

The judges will be picking the winner next week, but YOU can vote for the Reader’s Choice Award. I would so appreciate it if you vote for HenBlog. (You can vote once per day.) I’ve been writing this blog, without a break, for six years and it’s your response to my work that keeps me going. Besides, Agatha is ready for her turn in the spotlight. Do you think Country Living would welcome a chicken at the awards ceremony in New York City?

UPDATE: Survey Monkey (where you vote) has a glitch and isn’t allowing anyone to vote more than once. If you “clear your cookies” it will work. If you’re like me, and the only cookies you know how to make disappear are the ones in your pantry, then there’s no fix. I’ve emailed the Country Living web editor, and will let you know if she can resolve the problem. I appreciate everyone’s vote, and will let you know if the situation changes.

Please vote! And remember to vote every day!


  1. The best and has helped me in raising my chickens often.Great for entertainment and learning. Answers many questions. When I need up to date info that is where I go.

  2. Of course I will vote! Eggcellent Blog indeed! congratulation on the nomination!

  3. Congratulations! I understand about blogging for years. I recently have stopped blogging so much and it is amazing how much more I have gotten done around the farm!
    I will vote for you. Good luck!

  4. I’ll be voting! You desrve it! I love reading your blog, and I’m excited to be able to give a little ‘thank you’ for all the joy you bring me with your wonderful pictures and entries. Keep up the fantastic work; I’ll be voting and sharing so I can get some others to vote “HENBLOG” as well!

  5. Hope all your readers vote, like I will do each day. I am also excited because the rental in back of us, a lady will be moving in with….CHICKENS!

  6. Voted..and will keep voting. I love watching the hens and the goat brothers!! :)

  7. I have voted. I love your blog and am a virtual chicken keeper through you.

    I looked after my sons two white rats for six weeks recently while he was in Spain on a Spanish course. It gave me a chance to be a real pet keeper and I loved it. I missed them once they went home.

    I get my need for animal keeping satisfied through you and your followers. Keep up the good work and good luck.

      • The rats are cute, friendly, interactive, excitable and loads of fun. The downside is that they smell! They pee all the time, partly to mark their territory. No matter how well you look after them you cant eliminate that.
        They so often made us laugh though. They love attention and the excitement reaches fever pitch when they are offered a treat.

  8. Done, and will re-post to Wisconsin chicken sites. I love your blog and I hope you win!

  9. Voted yesterday with no problem. Today when I clicked on the Vote line, something called ‘SurveyMonkey’ comes up and I can’t get past it. Help!!

  10. Kara, Diane, JoAnn, Celia, Maryanne, Marissa, Kristen, Pam, Sean, Jim, Denise, Maureen, Patti, Deborah, Paulette, Carol and Carolyn, thanks for taking a moment to vote. I know that a couple of you are writers, so you understand about writing and writing and not knowing if what you do is going to be appreciated, and how important external validation is! As Pam knows, regular blogging takes up a huge amount of time. Right now, it feels worth it :)

  11. So happy to join this august group. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy the cams and your blog. While not a writer, I know it takes a long time to blog as well as you do. There is nothing like writing to crystalize thoughts and spotlight gaps that need more work.

    And I have a soft spot for both Pip and Candy (especially when she is in best bunny Buddha mode).

    • I’m surprised you haven’t signed up for the chicken workshop. You can ignore me and sit with the goats :) Candy might deign to let you pet her. Maybe.

  12. I too got survey monkey when I tried to vote again yesterday and got it again today, two days after my first vote. What’s wrong?

    • Hi Joyce – there’s a glitch with Survey Monkey. It has to do with cookies, and not the type you eat. I’ll let you know if it’s resolved. Thanks so much for trying to vote everyday.

  13. I did vote once and I hope you win. Your blog is so very helpful as well as interesting and entertaining. I’ve found it a great resource as I move from having one or two drop-in chickens that stayed on, to a more formal flock with a coop and yard . I visit every morning!
    Today I am laughing at the hens’ enthusiasm for what I can only guess is a load of dirt full of goat poop! Candy is less impressed and wants to go back in her house but the walkway is leaning on the wall. She was stretching up on it and looking annoyed.
    Good luck!

  14. Hi Terry!
    I was able to vote twice. I’ll keep trying. Good Luck!
    I love your web site. It keeps me entertained and sane in my busy library.

  15. I was able to vote twice, but I think I used my desktop once and my laptop once. I hope you win! You are very informative and I try to direct other bloggers to you if they are having issues with their chickens. Now I have a question for you. One of my Wellsummer hens seems to be growing little spurs and she’s being ostracized from her sissies. I know she had an injury when she was younger so I’m wondering if she damaged her ovary and is infertile. I only find one dark brown egg per day which I assume is from the other Wellsummer. She shows no other signs of being a rooster, looks just like the other hen. Have you ever experienced a hen growing spurs? I’ve heard it’s possible.

    • Hi Denise- I can tell my Polish apart because Tina has spurs and Siouxie doesn’t. They both lay. That said, an injury could cause infertility, and it could also be that the injury made her weak and put her at the bottom of the order. If you have bullying with injuries, try to expand the run and put up outside roosts. That helps a lot.
      Thanks for voting!

      • Thanks, Terry. I don’t have any bullying with injuries, I just hate to see any of them be abused by their sissies. I have never had a hen with spurs, how interesting! Since my hens all free range during the day, there is plenty of room for everyone. I have 2 coops and have moved the 2 Wellsummers in with the “older girls” so they have more room in the bigger coop. Always something new to learn with the chickens:-)

  16. My husband is also my IT guy and showed me how to delete cookies, so I’m voting everyday! I hope you win; your blog is truly a breath of fresh air to this country girl stuck in the city. I’ve learned so much from you, and I’ve already picked out which kinds of hens I want when we’re able to get a some land. :)

    • Thank you Leanna! I deleted the Surveymonkey cookies off my Mac and was able to vote again today. But apparently I will have to do it every day before voting because the cookies come right back. Good to know how to solve that problem!

      • Home for us is Alabama, so I want to be sure they can take the long, hot, humid summers, which can be miserable even with a fan and lots of water. My parents have all Rhode Island Reds, and they do well, but I’d like more variety of color and personality. I’m thinking Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Welsummer, and Delaware for sure. I also want some black and white like Speckled Sussex or Barred Rock. And I like Buff Orphingtons…they just look like they would roast with all that fluff!

  17. Terry, removing cookies from my Ipad is too hard so I am using my PC every day to vote for you. Today I voted twice for you because I could not vote yesterday.Good Luck!!!! >^..^<

  18. Terry, I have only been able to vote once because i can’t get past the Survey Monkey annoyance.

  19. Good luck, Terry. Love your blog. Will vote everyday for you!